In 2001, President George W. Bush issued a ban on federal funding for newly created human embryonic stem cell research. In 2004 California passed Prop 71, and created The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) to fund, facilitate, and provide oversight for stem cell research in the state. This groundbreaking initiative provided three billion dollars in funding from the sale of public bonds. The progress that has been made following the creation of the CIRM is a truly remarkable story of persistence and innovation towards cures. Medical Revolution in Progress will reveal the breakthroughs being developed by the stem cell research taking place in California, and the astonishing impact these new discoveries are having on families dealing with previously incurable diseases. Only a decade after the start of CIRM there are 29 human trials in progress, and approximately 2,000 peer-reviewed published medical breakthroughs funded through CIRM. Through the personal stories of these scientists in the midst of this incredible research, and the patients who will benefit from these life altering treatments, this documentary reveals the inspiring stories of the stem cell research going on in California and the quest for cures to devastating diseases. Medical Revolution in Progress tells the story of how California's noble experiment is transforming medicine.

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